These are buh-yooo-teeful

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Complexification Jared Tarbell ‘s summer update to the gallery is the most mesmerizing example of computer generated art I”ve ever seen forming on my monitor.The Sand Traveler is a rendering of 1,000 traveling particles, each in pursuit of another. Over time, patterns of travel are exposed as sweeping paths of color.

Waer purification on the cheap

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Sodis.ch is a Swiss group which has conducted low cost water treatment research in areas of the world currently affected by the tsunami. There are immediate concerns with waterbourne microbial diseases. The entire region is receiving rainfall at the moment. Shipping in massive amounts of plastic bottles to sanitize that falling water may be a viable immediate fix for water sanitation.

Eastern Zodiac

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The year of the Green Rooster: tips for a successful celebration


New Job Search site – Beta

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Indeed.com is what a job search aggregator was meant to be. I stumbled across it and have found it immensely helpful. It indexes every job site that I’m aware of, corporate employment pages, newspapers and craigslist then makes the jobs searchable based on keyword(s) and (optionally) location. Searches can be made into RSS feeds, e-mail alerts, etc. Current beta only work for jobs in U.S.


Very interesting George

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Greeks, postmodernity, and the rethinking of Democracy Found this fascinating interview on openDemocracy by way of meat-eating leftist. Greek opposition minister George Papandreou, son of former socialist Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou, says some interesting things about the changing nature of representative democracy and the new fluidity of citizens’ political and social identities. Given our diminishing democracy in this country, it is refreshing to hear a politician say that individuals in society need to be empowered and that political leaders must listen to and trust individuals.


This ought to be interesting

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GOP sets up Senate collision on judges

Buy Blue

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Buy Blue

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