Inspiring equal parts of awe and awww

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Smoosh! • “Two Seattle sisters, Chloe (age 9) on drums and vocals and Asya (age 11) on keys and vocals, write and play pensive, pulsing indie pop rock.” Audio interviews & live songs available from KEXP radio. Certainly more endearing than these little tykes.


Capitalism at it’s finest

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The Swift Report: White House Considering Product Placement Deal

Police State?

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It Can’t Happen Here by Ron Paul


The Diebold Variations

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The Diebold Variations


Feenygate update

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Clinton Eugene Curtis gives sworn testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary. [RealPlayer, sorry]
Yang Enterprises (YEI) respond.
Brad Friedman responds in kind.


Bush’s first step to privatizing SS

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Accounts may not be answer to questions about System


Things are changing, for the better

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New Power for ‘Old Europe’

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