computerized pal

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How do computers know so much about us?

It’s creepy when the machines have your personality all figured out.

spinning Iraqi vote has begun

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Iraq Polls are Open – Live Blogging

Iraqi Election a SHAM??

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Iraq: This election is a sham

Meal from Hell

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Meal from Hell Whets Appetite for US-Iran Clash

A World Economic Forum dinner designed to promote dialogue between Iran and the United States on Friday night began with a comic strip series of diplomatic and gastronomic blunders, and ended with a sharp exchange over nuclear weapons.

Now come up with a list of things you probably wouldn’t want to go wrong.

  • Biden and his entourage are one hour and twenty minutes late.
  • The waiters serve wine, which offends the Muslims so they will have to leave if it is left on the tables.
  • The menus offer only meat which breaches Islamic dietary rules.
  • When Biden finally arrives, his wife is wearing hip hugging leather pants and a shell top that shows a lot of skin. The Iranian women are in head to toe chadors…. all in black, of course.
  • The already antagonized Iranians launch into some brutal rhetoric about how Iran must be free to advance their scientific interests peacefully. Discussion goes downhill.
  • Investment Bankers Unite

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    Democrats in Denial


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    “Jeff Gannon” and Karl Rove — one degree of separation

    So let us get this straight: The top Democrat in the Senate loses a race where the GOP sets up a phony blog that passes along news reports from a pseudo media organization, written by a reporter given White House credentials under a fake name.


    New Pledge of Allegiance

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    America’s New Pledge of Allegiance

    ‘I pledge allegiance to the flag of the corporate states of America and to the republicans for which it stands, one nation, under debt, easily divisible, with liberty and justice for oil.’

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