The Return of the Draft

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With the army desperate for recruits, should college students be packing their bags for Canada?


Yep, life’ll burst that self-esteem bubble

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Howe blames the attitude on society’s high expectations. “We’ve become a much more child-oriented society around milliennials,” he says. “Self-esteem for them meant you’re the focus of society’s attention.”

Bugs Bunny and pals get a facelift

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If “Loonatics” is a hit on Saturday morning, for example, it is likely to ripple through the company’s merchandising, home-video and movie divisions.

“That’s the ultimate goal of all kids programming,” says Janollari. “If we score, it’s a gold mine.”

Bush’s Sex Scandal

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Mr. Bush means well. But “abstinence only” is a misnomer that in practice is an assault on sex education itself. There’s a good deal of evidence that the result will not be more young rosy-cheeked virgins – it will be more pregnancies, abortions, gonorrhea and deaths from AIDS.

IE 7.0 Leaves Windows 2000 Users Out in the Cold

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News that IE 7.0 will be available only to Windows XP SP2 (Service Pack 2) customers isn’t likely to sit well with security experts who argue that the threat from the Firefox browser is at the center of Microsoft’s aggressive anti-spyware and anti-virus plans.

White House Turns Tables on Former American POWs

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“Our government is on the wrong side of this issue,” said Jeffrey F. Addicott, a former Army lawyer and director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. “A lot of Americans would scratch their heads and ask why is our government taking the side of Iraq against our POWs.”

Why Is The Bush Administration Quickly Fingering Syria For Yesterday’s Assassination In Lebanon?

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Why has seeing the Bush Administration jump to such a conclusion look a little bit premature and all too convenient?

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