Have Wireless Networks Surpassed the Security of Wired Networks?

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Wireless networks have long been known for being insecure. However, there has been so much emphasis on wireless network security, that in some ways, wireless network security is now better than the security used for wired networks. In this article, I will explain why this is the case and how to apply some of the wireless security techniques to your wired network


Terri Schiavo’s Blog

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Somebody will probably go to hell for this one, but it is kinda funny.

Terri Schiavo’s Blog


Destined for Deficits

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Why is this important? Because there are a couple of things our legislators and our president do not want citizens to do: (1) link the big deficits with the big tax cuts, or (2) notice that if the tax cuts weren’t so big, cuts in domestic spending wouldn’t have to be so big. The nice separation of those dates is just the ticket for obscuring the obvious.


WTF is Bush thinking?? Sticking a finger in the eye of the U.N.??

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George Bush set to nominate John Bolton as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Known as the treaty killer by his friends and critics, as well as the anti-Ambassador, John Bolton may well change the course of American Democracy. He hints at recognizing Taiwan, and in the past has rejected the idea of a Palestinian state.

He is the man Jesse Helms would most like to stand with at Armageddon.