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THis is an interesting way to view World News.

It’s the Circular Firing Squad of Flying Attack Monkeys!

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If you are 45 and if Bush’s plan were available today…

Follow George W. Bush’s advice, divert $1,000 into your private account, invest it in TIPS, and at the 1.85% per year interest rate you will indeed by able to collect an extra amount worth $10.11 a month in today’s dollars when you retire at 65…

But the clawback would reduce your normal Social Security benefit by $14.16 a month. You’re $4.05 a month behind.

Bush tries to make statement, change topic

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President Bush on Thursday used a format he does not like to discuss issues he cannot resolve in hopes that he can sell the American people on policies most say they don’t want.

Democrats furious over GOP efforts to rewrite amendments

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This is really BAD!! Talk about gross abuse of power.

Democrats in the House are furious over what they see as a deliberate attempt by Republicans to rewrite Democratic amendments to make the Democrats amendments look preposterous

“At least five amendments to this bill, which were designed to protect the rights of family members and innocent bystanders from prosecution under this bill, were rewritten as amendments designed to protect sexual predators from prosecution and were then included in the committee report as if that was the original intent of the authors. The thing is, sexual predators were not mentioned anywhere in any of these amendments.

I asked the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee about this deception yesterday afternoon at the Rules Committee hearing.

“And instead of decrying what I certainly expected would be revealed as a mistake by an overzealous staffer…The Chairman stood by those altered amendment descriptions.

“He made very clear to the Rules Committee that the alterations to these members’ amendments were deliberate.When pressed as to why his committee staff took such an unprecedented action, the Chairman immediately offered up his own anger over the manner in which Democrats had chosen to debate and oppose this unfortunate piece of legislation we have before us today.

“The Republicans are trying to determine which words the Democrats get to use to describe their own amendments. What next – they get to write our speeches?”


Tiger Server Roars, Too

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While most of the attention Friday is on the client version of Apple’s latest release of its Mac OS X operating system, Tiger Server is a major event in itself. It bridges the worlds of open source, Unix and Windows, and may be the key to finally gaining Apple a foothold in the corporate data center.

And since Apple doesn’t charge for CALs (client access licenses), an Apple box running Tiger Server could do the same job as a Windows 2003 system for hundreds or thousands of dollars less.

64-bit Windows wide open to viruses

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Users of the latest 64-bit version of Microsoft’s Windows XP Professional x64 Edition operating system will not have the option to install Norton or McAfee antivirus software

Opportunity Mars Rover Stuck in Sand

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NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover has run into a sandy snag. All of its six wheels have sunk in deep into a large ripple of soil.

Rover operators are optimistic they can extricate the robot from its jam, having gotten dug in before. But ground controllers will need time to wheel back on top of the soil again.

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