White Dwarfs in a Death Spiral

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New observations from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory have discovered two white dwarf stars orbiting one another at a tremendous speed – they’re only 80.000 km (50,000 miles) apart! The rate at which they’re orbiting is decreasing by 1.2 milliseconds every year, which means they’re destined to eventually collide.

FED EX – Wanna be cops!!

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WSJ – “FedEx’s newfound enthusiasm for a frontline role in the war on terror shows how the relationship between business and government has changed in the past few years. In some cases, these changes are blurring the division between private commerce and public law enforcement.”

“FedEx… has granted customs inspectors access to the company’s database of international shipments, which includes the name and address of a shipper, the package’s origin and its final destination. The databases also include credit-card information and other payment details that the government is not entitled to solicit outside of a criminal investigation. “Our guys just love it,” says one senior customs official overseeing inspections at international courier companies.” [UPS, nor even the USPS will provide this much assistance to the DHS without a warrant.]

“Two years ago, after intense lobbying by FedEx of the Tennessee state legislature, the company was permitted to create a 10-man, state-recognized police force. FedEx police wear plain clothes and can investigate all types of crimes, request search warrants and make arrests on FedEx property.”


electroshock gun: next gen of tasers

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electroshock gun: Information From Answers.com Weapons that administer electric shock through a stream of liquid

Prototype stun guns exist which replace the solid wire with a stream of conductive liquid (essentially salty water) which offers the range of a taser (or better) and the possibility of multiple shots, though the water tank makes it much more bulky. See Electrified water cannon.

Weapons that administer electric shock through a laser beam

Some people are experimenting with devices that use an ultraviolet laser to ionize the air between the user and recipient, thus making it conduct electricity. Such devices are currently much too large for a hand-carried weapon.

One such organisation is found here [1] (http://www.hsvt.org/). The range of the ionisation is claimed as 200 meters or 656 feet.


Press Briefing by Scott McClellan

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Would you believe that the White House is trying to rewrite history by saying that we were invited into Afghanistan and Iraq. I wonder how many times this story will have to be repeated for this propoganda to take??

Q The other day — in fact, this week, you said that we, the United States, is in Afghanistan and Iraq by invitation. Would you like to correct that incredible distortion of American history

MR. McCLELLAN: No, we are — that’s where we currently —

Critics Question Timing of Santorum Bill

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What a coincidence.

Two days before Sen. Rick Santorum (news, bio, voting record) introduced a bill that critics say would restrict the National Weather Service, his political action committee received a $2,000 donation from the chief executive of AccuWeather Inc., a leading provider of weather data.

The disclosure has renewed criticism of the measure, which Santorum, R-Pa., maintains would allow the weather service to better focus on its core mission of getting threatening weather info out in a “timely and speedy basis.”

Bush: Base Closings Needed to Fight Terror

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Is this how he is going to pay for his wars, or does he plan on keepiing his soldiers overseas??

“We have more bases than we need,” Bush said in a commencement address to the academy’s Class of 2005. “Supporting these facilities wastes billions of taxpayer dollars — money that can be better spent on giving you the tools to fight terrorists and confront 21st-century threats.”

Mexican commandos new threat on border

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Elite Mexican commandos, trained by U.S. forces to combat the drug cartels have switched sides and are working for the drug smugglers in the border area posing a special hazard to American law enforcement and Border Patrol agents, according to a U.S. Justice Department memo.

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