Global Frequency

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This is a very good storyline, if I was a gambling man I would bet that WB resurrects this one.

“Global Frequency” is out. Many of you have likely heard of Warren Ellis, a prolific blogger and decent sci-fi comic writer. Turns out that WB turned his comic into a TV series, then shelved it before airing. Well, some dedicated souls got the pilot out for all of us. It’s available now via Bit Torrent and is well worth watching.


How to Meditate

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“If there is something you truly want to know, then you truly want to listen to your own wisdom. You know, meditation is learning how to listen with your own wisdom, so that you can see. I think why meditation is amazingly important, is that somehow our unconscious world is much bigger.

Ever heard of Lenovo, Haier, CNOOC? You will.

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Their names don’t exactly spark instant recognition: Lenovo, Haier, TCL, Pearl River Pianos, State Grid Corp., and CNOOC. If they mean nothing to you, just wait a few years. All of them are prominent Chinese corporations set to go global and may soon become household words.

In the Nation’s Capital, Baseball Has Become a Political Football

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For years, Washington hungered for a baseball team. Now it has one, and a winning team at that.

But in a city where politics course through the veins of the inhabitants, where Republicans run the show and the man in the White House is himself a former baseball team owner, it was probably too much to expect the Washington Nationals to usher in a bipartisan era of peace, love and understanding.

Sure, James Carville, the Democratic political consultant, can be spotted at games sitting in the same row as Andrew H. Card Jr., President Bush’s chief of staff. But now that George Soros, the financier and philanthropist who spent millions of dollars trying to defeat Mr. Bush last year, is competing for ownership of the team against bidders who include Colin L. Powell, the former secretary of state, and Peter Fitzgerald, a former Republican senator, the mood on Capitol Hill isn’t exactly Mom and apple pie.

Some Republicans went so far as to suggest that Major League Baseball, which owns the team, could lose its antitrust exemption if it permits Mr. Soros, who would be a part-owner with a group of investors headed by a local entrepreneur, to buy it – a threat that drew immediate ridicule in the sports pages and outrage from Democrats.

Crooks seem to have upper hand in identity theft crimes, experts say

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Federal agents are in a familiar position as they probe the computer-security breach at an Arizona firm that left credit-card data for some 40 million people open to theft: Once again, they’re playing catch-up.

Leave My Child Alone!

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YIKES! What do we do? Any way you look at it, this is a family privacy nightmare, another strong-arming of our local schools, and a creepy warm-up to the Draft. However, it’s also a great excuse to get together in action again.

Pedestrian Hacker Group Releases Crosswalk Button Hacks

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A shadowy group of pedestrian hackers called Cross Anytime announced their discovery of several back doors or “cheats” using crosswalk buttons at many intersections. The 3658-item list has been released on their website www.crosswalkbuttonhacks.com.

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