World Not Set To Deal With Flu

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Public health officials preparing to battle what they view as an inevitable influenza pandemic say the world lacks the medical weapons to fight the disease effectively, and will not have them anytime soon.

Public health specialists and manufacturers are working frantically to develop vaccines, drugs, strategies for quarantining and treating the ill, and plans for international cooperation, but these efforts will take years. Meanwhile, the most dangerous strain of influenza to appear in decades — the H5N1 “bird flu” in Asia — is showing up in new populations of birds, and occasionally people, almost by the month, global health officials say

Best movie mistakes

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Best movie mistakes

Earliest Dinosaur Embryos Recovered

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The oldest fossilized dinosaur embryos yet discovered are revealing tantalizing clues about dinosaur evolution, scientists say. Findings published today in the journal Science indicate that some of the prehistoric creatures started out on four legs before growing into bipedal behemoths. They also support the notion that newly hatched dinos did not fend for themselves and instead relied on their parents for nourishment .

New World Record for Wi-Fi Distance of 125 Miles

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New World Record for Wi-Fi Distance of 125 Miles

Making High Quality A/V Cables

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In this episode we teach you how to make the same cables that most broadcast engineers use for their own projects and talk about why they don’t buy those expensive cables at the stores. We show you the tools and how to use them so that you can become the cable making professional you were meant to be. Finally, we show you how to organize the rat’s nest behind the TV for that professional look and a broadcast quality signal.

God vs. Satan – Who’s the better investor?

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The market is amoral and agnostic. It has no interest in your virtues or vices or God, except insofar as they help make money. But just as morality and faith have taken a larger role in all of American life, so are they also playing an increasingly prominent role in investing.

Where the Human Footprint Is Lightest

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PRISTINE lands, by the strictest definition, no longer exist. Atmospheric pollution has settled on every earthly surface; human-induced climate change is affecting ecosystems across the planet, scientists say.

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