Parasites brainwash grasshoppers into death dive

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A parasitic worm that makes the grasshopper it invades jump into water and commit suicide does so by chemically influencing its brain, a study of the insects’ proteins reveal.

The parasitic Nematomorph hairworm (Spinochordodes tellinii) develops inside land-dwelling grasshoppers and crickets until the time comes for the worm to transform into an aquatic adult. Somehow mature hairworms brainwash their hosts into behaving in way they never usually would – causing them to seek out and plunge into water.

Cash donations sought for hurricane victims

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While a variety of government and private agencies are en route to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina, federal officials said Monday people wanting to help should not head to the affected area unless directed by an agency.

Instead, Michael Brown, head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, urged people to make cash contributions to organizations.

Really Getting Started in Rails

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It’s a good tutorial . Good as it is, though, it’s not perfect (hell, what is?). But hooray for imperfection, because it spurred me to write.

Secrecy Veils China’s Jailing of a Journalist

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For the more than 11 months that he has been incarcerated, Zhao Yan has been held in one of the darkest corners of China’s legal system because of the accusation against him: that he leaked state secrets to his employer, The New York Times.

Iraq war keeps oil from terrorists, Bush says

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  • 2002: It’s not about oil; we need to go to war to keep WMDs out of the Terrorists’ hands.
  • 2003: It’s not about oil; we need to go to war because Saddam Hussein is a bad guy.
  • 2004: It’s not about oil; we need to go to war to promote democracy in the MidEast.
  • 2005: Okay, it’s about oil.

An Oil Panic in Plain Sight

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This is a very serious article about the effect Katrina and other factors are having on the availability of oil. It does not present a very favorable outcome, as a matter of fact it is very bad.

An Oil Panic in Plain Sight

  • Hurricane Katrina smashes “Energy Alley,” a concentrated area of oil production in Gulf of Mexico that supplies about 35% of America’s domestic oil.

  • White House says oil will get cheaper, but makes hush- hush plans to increase the Strategic Petroleum Reserve by 42% to ONE BILLION barrels of crude. Why are they so eager to add to the SPR when oil prices are high?

  • Saudis reveal they won’t be able to meet oil demand – first time EVER they’ve admitted the awful truth

This is a more in depth report of what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico.


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Cooked Pizza from a vending machine in less than 3 minutes. Five years of research and $6 million for development. What will they think of next.

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