FEMA Plans to Reimburse Faith Groups for Aid

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As Civil Libertarians Object, Religious Organizations Weigh Whether to Apply

US deficit control gets ‘lost’ in translation

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IRRITATED American officials yesterday sought to play down claims that Alan Greenspan had said Washington had “lost control” of its budget deficit.

Thierry Breton, France’s Finance Minister, speaking to reporters in Washington, made the claim after a closed-door meeting with Mr Greenspan, the Federal Reserve Chairman, and John Snow, the US Treasury Secretary.

‘We have lost control’ , that was his expression,” M Breton said as he outlined the Fed Chairman’s private comments.


Whither Michael Brown?

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Once again GW rubs our nose in it…

It turns out that former FEMA director Michael Brown is being retained by the agency as a “consultant.”


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No one has been able to solve this puzzle.

Frvade – The hardest enigma on the internet


Spyware Warrior

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Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites


Linux vs. Linux: Which Distro Should You Dump Windows For?

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You’re ready to be a card-carrying Linux geek, but with several different Linux distributions available, you don’t know where to start. Which one offers the best balance of tools, performance, and price?

Barack Obama – U.S. Senator for Illinois

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A member of Congress that actually uses technology, what a concept.

Audio reports on issues affecting Illinois, the nation and the U.S. Senate. Obama’s podcast

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