Disaster relief? Call in the Marines.

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Is this the first step in setting up a military dictatorship? There is a reason for Posse Comitatus and I hate to see it amended regardless of the seemingly innocent need for change.

President Bush suggested a larger disaster relief role for the armed forces in his national address last week, and Congress has indicated it will take up the issue this autumn. Though the topic has emerged at other troubled times – most recently 9/11 – Congress has always avoided amending Posse Comitatus, the law that has kept active-duty soldiers out of civilian law-enforcement affairs since Reconstruction.

They Shoot News Anchors, Don’t They?

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Media moguls, not looters, killed Katrina’s truth tellers

The Truth Laid Bear

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All Pork

$ 6,182,635,743 in pork identified so far

North Korea Says It Will Abandon Nuclear Efforts

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North Korea agreed Monday to end its nuclear weapons program in return for security, economic and energy benefits, potentially easing tensions with the United States after a two-year standoff over the North’s efforts to build atomic bombs.

HeyGod.Org – like praying, only with more swear words.

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An Indirect Line to God, for the Godless.

DVD Verdict: Chewing gum for the eyes

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I found the site’s conceit–to present each review of a particular DVD as one would present evidence in a trial, then deliver a verdict–to be charming rather than annoying. Chalk it up to generally good and entertaining writing, and very in-depth DVD reviews.

GW is racist? This may prove it.

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So when I was browsing NFL.com yesterday (for the ninetieth time that day) I scoffed when I saw this photo of the SB Champion Patriots meeting Monkey President George W Bush. Then I noticed something, have a look and see if you see it too…

All of the black players are standing at the back, no where near the President. Maybe Kanye West wasn’t just guessing.

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