How Do Dinosaurs Fit With the Bible?

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Dang Christian Wacko’s

An aura of mystery surrounds the dinosaurs. Where did they come from? Did they evolve? Did they really live millions of years ago? What happened to them? Are there any living today? Has any human being ever seen a live dinosaur?

Moyers Has His Say

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Bill Moyers became the central figure in absentia in the controversy surrounding former Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson. It was Tomlinson who pointed to Moyers’ Now newscast on PBS as a chief reason for his efforts to bring “balance” to public broadcasting by adding conservative shows . Moyers has since left Now and is currently president of the Schumann Center for Media & Democracy. He spoke with B&C’s John Eggerton in the wake of a CPB Inspector General report concluding Tomlinson had violated the law by dealing directly with a programmer during the creation of a show to balance Moyers’ program.

Pentagon Expanding Its Domestic Surveillance Activity

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The Defense Department has expanded its programs aimed at gathering and analyzing intelligence within the United States, creating new agencies, adding personnel and seeking additional legal authority for domestic security activities in the post-9/11 world.


t r u t h o u t – Frank Rich: Dishonest, Reprehensible, Corrupt …

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Much more: each day brings slam-dunk evidence that the doomsday threats marshaled by the administration to sell the war weren’t, in Cheney-speak, just dishonest and reprehensible but also corrupt and shameless. The more the president and vice president tell us that their mistakes were merely innocent byproducts of the same bad intelligence seen by everyone else in the world, the more we learn that this was not so. The web of half-truths and falsehoods used to sell the war did not happen by accident; it was woven by design and then foisted on the public by a P.R. operation built expressly for that purpose in the White House. The real point of the Bush-Cheney verbal fisticuffs this month, like the earlier campaign to take down Joseph Wilson, is less to smite Democrats than to cover up wrongdoing in the executive branch between 9/11 and shock and awe.


Cheaper Veggie Diesel May Change the Way We Drive

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Japanese scientists may have found a cheaper and more efficient way to produce “biodiesel.”/a> The renewable, vegetable oil-based fuel can be used in conventional diesel engines, which are found in about 2 percent of cars currently sold in the U.S. and in about 40 percent in Europe.


The Sub-$400 Laptop: A New Low

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For the past few annual Black Friday’s, retailers have had laptops for under $600, although usually after those pesky mail-in rebates. With laptop prices hitting all time lows and notebook popularity growing more than ever, we are seeing sub-$400 laptops WITHOUT mail-in rebates. Let’s take a look at the models available from the major retailers:

The Mokume Gane Story

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This four hundred year old Japanese technique is rarely seen today. Stacks of differing metals are fused in a kiln, then carved, revealing intricate flowing patterns. Technical paper discusses the use of modern technology in the process, as well as the metallurgy of the metal bonding from a 21st century viewpoint.

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