Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report

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I think that we are beginning to realize why the Patriot Act was only extended one month!! The Bush administration has built it’s base on lies and deceit it would appear.

The National Security Agency has traced and analyzed large volumes of telephone and Internet communications flowing into and out of the United States as part of the eavesdropping program that President Bush approved after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to hunt for evidence of terrorist activity, according to current and former government officials.

The volume of information harvested from telecommunication data and voice networks, without court-approved warrants, is much larger than the White House has acknowledged, the officials said. Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report – New York Times It was collected by tapping directly into some of the American telecommunication system’s main arteries, they said.


Just how extensive is NSA’s spy program?

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A week after a domestic-spying scheme by the National Security Agency was disclosed, the details remain shrouded in secrecy.

President Bush forcefully defended the operation in a press conference on Monday, but offered few clues about how it worked in practice. Neither did Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, except to say that “it is probably the most classified program that exists in the United States government.”

Microsoft Fixes Patch Day Glitch

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Following reports by some customers of problems when implementing Redmond’s latest set of patches, Microsoft has shipped an update to its Software Update Services 1.0 patch system. Once the new script is applied, the patches will no longer show up as “unapproved.”

Iraqis March, Say Elections Were Rigged

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Some countries have the intestinal fortitude to denounce Diebold election systems in public.

Large demonstrations broke out across the country Friday to denounce parliamentary elections that protesters say were rigged in favor of the main religious Shiite coalition. Also, the U.S. military said two soldiers were killed when their vehicle struck a roadside bomb in Baghdad on Friday.


Donors underwrite jet-setting, luxury travel for DeLay, aides

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As Tom DeLay became a king of campaign fundraising, he lived like one too. He visited cliff-top Caribbean resorts, golf courses designed by PGA champions and four-star restaurants — all courtesy of donors who bankrolled his political money empire.

Over the past six years, the former House majority leader and his associates have visited places of luxury most Americans have never seen, often getting there aboard corporate jets arranged by lobbyists and other special interests.

Public documents reviewed by The Associated Press tell the story: at least 48 visits to golf clubs and resorts; 100 flights aboard company planes; 200 stays at hotels, many world-class; and 500 meals at restaurants, some averaging nearly $200 for a dinner for two.

Instead of his personal expense, the meals and trips for DeLay and his associates were paid with donations collected by the campaign committees, political action committees and children’s charity the Texas Republican created during his rise to the top of Congress. His lawyer says the expenses are part of DeLay’s effort to raise money from Republicans and to spread the GOP message.

Put them together and a lifestyle emerges.

Legal Shield for Vaccine Makers Is Inserted Into Military Bill

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You have to watch these crooked bastards 24/7. Look at all of the crap they tried to pass before the Christmas Holidays.

Companies making vaccines to protect against biological agents or pandemic viruses would be shielded from lawsuits, even if they are negligent or reckless, under a provision inserted into a military spending bill by Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, the majority leader.


Rove Implicated In Santa Identity Leak

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The recent leak revealing Santa Claus to be “your mommy and daddy” has been linked to President Bush’s senior political adviser and deputy chief of staff Karl Rove.

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