Sex-Ed Class Becomes Latest School Battleground

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A push to promote sexual abstinence in teens — backed by a steady increase in federal funding — is starting to affect the way sex ed is taught in the U.S.

Bush spends heavily to get message out

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The Bush administration, amid record budget deficits, has been spending huge amounts on advertising and public relations contracts to counter a hostile media environment.

“The extent of the Bush administration’s propaganda effort is unprecedented and disturbing,” said Rep. George Miller, California Democrat.

Safely install software in a virtual layer

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Even though Windows has handled my frequent software installations and sometimes lazy attitude toward uninstalling them with aplomb, I’ve been looking for a solution that keeps my computer pristine in the face of installation after installation, and I want to do it without running a virtual machine (after all, I’m not testing new operating systems every day!).

Enter Altiris Software Virtualization Solution (SVS). With Altiris SVS, you can install any program to a transparent layer that snags all attempts that the program makes to write to your system, instead saving them inside of the layer. That means no extra .dll’s and no permanent registry changes – SVS takes care of all of that .


The Right and Individual Rights

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In the new Republican era, only fetuses , tax shelters, and ‘traditional’ marriage deserve protection. According to the actions of the current Republican party, the rest of us need to be wiretapped, monitored, have our homes inspected for whatever reason without warrants, and are incapable of making decisions on our own.

Judges on Secretive Panel Speak Out on Spy Program

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Five former judges on the nation’s most secretive court, including one who resigned in apparent protest over President Bush’s domestic eavesdropping, urged Congress on Tuesday to give the court a formal role in overseeing the surveillance program.


I Sing the Body Eccentric

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Twitches, starts and other body oddities explained

Six Degrees of Jack Abramoff

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NPR: Six Degrees of Jack Abramoff

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