Is Jesus the next killer app?

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Companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Avid and Hitachi are helping churches spread the gospel as part of an effort to cash in on an exploding market known as “house of worship technology.”

Next step in pirating: Faking a company

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BEIJING At first it seemed to be nothing more than a routine, if damaging, case of counterfeiting in a country where faking it has become an industry.


Is AT&T $1 Million Contribution An Illegal Payoff?

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AT&T certainly knows how to spend its money wisely. It’s donated $1 million to fund the pet project of a Congressman who has vowed to back a law letting AT&T and other telcos hijack the Internet. Is the contribution an illegal payoff?

User Manual, users guide, operation instruction

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The Motherlode!!

User Manual, users guide, operation instruction

How to dump Windows’ piracy ‘spyware’

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Man, I couldn’t believe it was Microsoft who finally got my system infested with spyware! An unkillable process? Popup windows? A prompt you have to click at logon? My GOD!!! But it’s ok. You CAN get rid of it:

Lost Melodies

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Lost MelodiesSongs you should hear

Who needs to pirate software with a list like this?

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Who needs to pirate software with a list like this?

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