The bad packets stop here!

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IPCop.org :: The bad packets stop here!

George Bush singing

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George Bush singing “Sunday Bloody Sunday” – Google Video

Bush submits new terror detainee bill

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When the GOP and Bushco is done with this, you can be sure that we were better off before…

U.S. citizens suspected of terror ties might be detained indefinitely and barred from access to civilian courts under legislation proposed by the Bush administration, say legal experts reviewing an early version of the bill.


The World’s Most Photorealistic Vector Art

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If I didn’t know it already, I wouldn’t discern that the gallery below is made up of drawings. Yes! They are NOT photographs.They are NOT photographs.

Segway | Concept Centaur

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Like the mythical half-horse, half-man of Greek lore, Concept Centaur combines the best of several technologies to create an innovative whole. The result of exploration by Segway Inc.’s product development team, Concept Centaur will challenge the way you think about four-wheeled transportation .

Takagi Masakatsu

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Video Artist

Back to the Future – Edit

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“Back to the Future: The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance Revisited” (2005)

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