Best ten-megapixels digital cameras

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A new crop of ten-megapixel digital cameras gives serious amateur shutterbugs a reason to smile. One is the best camera under $1,000, period.

Fire Ant-attacking Fly Spreading Rapidly In Texas

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Parasitic flies introduced to control red imported fire ants have spread over four million acres in central and southeast Texas since the flies’ introduction in 1999, researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have discovered using new flytraps they developed .

Firefox Portable

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Firefox Portable

Gonzales Cautions Judges on Interfering

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Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who is defending President Bush’s anti-terrorism tactics in multiple court battles, said Friday that federal judges should not substitute their personal views for the president’s judgments in wartime.

Is Woodward Calling Bush a Liar?

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I believe that there are a LOT of people calling him a LIAR!

After two books that made President Bush look pretty good, Bob Woodward is out with a new one that comes awfully close to calling the president a liar.

Foley Resigns From Congress Over E-Mails

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Don’t these guys get to keep their retirement benefits if they resign?? This guy will get paid 95% of his salary for life, because he resigned. His GOP brethern were apparently aware of this.

In a scandal guaranteed to anger parents, a prominent House Republican has resigned after the revelation that he exchanged raunchy electronic messages with a teenage boy , a former congressional page.


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This innovative new product from Foundstone shows all of the open TCP and UDP ports on a machine, displays the service that is active on each port, and maps the ports to their respective applications.

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