Order of Succession

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Get your position here


Excellent Discussion on the Rebuilding of New Orleans

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Should we, shouldn’t we and If So, How…all covered interestingly, here.


Fuel Effeciency Ratings

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This is a good resource. It will do comparative ratings and lots of other stuff. For a government site it is fairly user friendly and useful.

Automobiles rated by fuel effeciency.


Hidden Costs of Toll Roads

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This is so not right. I wonder if this is the same model used in all states. We are being manipulated into authorizing toll roads when there may actually be no good reason for them, other than corporate development is somewhat faster that government development.

The lower speed limit and extra traffic signals, which make Tower Road slower and less convenient to use, are required by a “non-compete” clause in an agreement between the E-470 Public Highway Authority and nearby Commerce City.

The goal is to impede traffic on Tower Road so drivers will decide they are better off using the toll road. This protects the revenue stream from the tolls, thereby protecting the interests of the toll road’s investors.


‘Wash Post’ Guild Leaders Want Paper Out Of Sept. 11 ‘Freedom Walk’

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This is BIG!! here are more than 1,000 News Reporters that think the IRAQ event is BOGUS!!

Newspaper Guild leaders at The Washington Post on Monday afternoon called on the newspaper to withdraw its sponsorship of a controversial Sept. 11 memorial walk organized by the Department of Defense. The event has drawn opposition from several groups for its alleged pro-war tilt.


Second Picasso for sale at Costco.com

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A 1958 crayon drawing attributed to Pablo Picasso is up for sale — at Costco.com. Price: $129,999.99.


Sex Tips For Geeks: The Art of the Pickup

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Your pale, you wear black socks with mustard yellow shorts and an A-Team shirt…so how you going to get laid!? Read this!

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