Op-Ed: A Wake Up Call for the Middle Class

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The problem appears to be that the GOP is much more organized/focused that the progressives and this is not good for the liberals…

Op-Ed: A Wake Up Call for the Middle Class.


Nukes Are Back and So Are We

The nuclear power industry is back to where it always goes when it wants to build new reactors—the taxpayer trough. This time they say it will help with Global Warming (it doesn’t)….what a crock…read for more info!

Nukes Are Back and So Are We


Polluters finance research to cast doubt

”This is one of the strongest of scientific consensus views in the history of science,” Gore said. ‘‘We live in a world where what used to be called propaganda now has a major role to play in shaping public opinion.”


California-Sized Area of Ice Melts in Antarctica

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Warm temperatures melted an area of western Antarctica that adds up to the size of California in January 2005, scientists report.