Combating Israel’s Flimsy “Human Shield” Rhetoric

Combating Israel’s Flimsy “Human Shield” Rhetoric.


Israel halts plans to explore new settlements

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If Israel is true to it’s form this is only temporary, as they will start again as soon as the ‘heat’ is off… It’s good that Kerry explained Israel’s actions out loud for a change, LONG OVERDUE. Now we will see what Congress does, as they are, for some reason, are always justifying their actions as favorable. I expect them to throw out the ‘concentration camp’ card as they generally do. They have been ridiculously difficult on the Palestinians. The recent revelations about Arafat’s death should come back to haunt them, if the investigation is not killed off like the original one was.

Israel halts plans to explore new settlements.


NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans’ data with Israel

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NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel.


The Real Story of Stuxnet

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The Real Story of Stuxnet.


Where’s our humanity for Gaza?

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Where’s our humanity for Gaza?.


Iran gives new hint of pre-emptive strike

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Iran gives new hint of pre-emptive strike.


Gauss: Abnormal Distribution

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Gauss: Abnormal Distribution.

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